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Dreamgirls is the smash-hit, Tony Award-winning musical which premiered on Broadway in 1982, starring award-winning actress Jennifer Holliday as the iconic Effie White. Since its premiere, Dreamgirls has enjoyed several revivals across the world, including tours in the US, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia and Colombia. Never before seen in London, the production opens at the West End’s Savoy Theatre in 2016, starring Glee’s Amber Riley. In 2006, the musical was made into a film starring Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx. Including well-known songs such as “One Night Only”, “Cadillac Car”, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and “I Am Changing”, Dreamgirls is one of the world’s best-known and best-loved musicals.


Henry Krieger

Tom Eyen

Tom Eyen

Rumoured to be based on Diana Ross and the Supremes

Bill Condon

Michael Bennett, Bob Avian, Geffen Records, The Shubert Organization

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett and Michael Peters


Original Broadway Production

Imperial Theatre - Opened 20 Dec 1981, closed 11 Aug 1985, 1521 performances

Cast: Jennifer Holliday (Effie White), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Deena Jones), Loretta Devine (Lorrell Robinson), Ben Harney (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Cleavant Derricks (James “Thunder” Early), Obba Babatunde (C.C. White), Deborah Burrell (Michelle Morris), Vondie Curtis-Hall (Marty Madison), Tony Franklin (Wayne)


US Tour (1983)

US Tour - Opened 20 Mar 1983, closed 6 Jul 1984

Cast: Jennifer Holliday (Effie White), Linda Leilani Brown (Deena Jones), Arnetia Walker (Lorrell Robinson), Larry Riley (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Clinton Derricks-Carroll (James “Thunder” Early), Lawrence Clayton (C.C. White), Deborah Burrell (Michelle Morris), Weyman Thompson (Marty Madison), Maurice Felder (Wayne)


Broadway Revival (1987)

Ambassador Theatre - Opened 28 Jun 1987, closed 29 Nov 1987, 177 performances

Cast: Lillias White (Effie White), Alisa Gyse (Deena Jones), Arnetia Walker (Lorrell Robinson), Weyman Thompson (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Herbert Lee Rawlings, Jr (James “Thunder” Early), Kevyn Morrow (C.C. White), Susan Beaubian (Michelle Morris), Roy L. Jones (Marty Madison), Milton Craig Nealy (Wayne)


US Tour (1997)

US Tour - Opened 30 Sep 1997, closed 26 Apr 1998

Cast: Roz White (Effie White), La Tanya Hall (Deena Jones), Tonya Dixon (Lorrell Robinson), Brian Everett Chandler (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Kevin-Anthony (James “Thunder” Early), Gary E. Vincent (C.C. White), Kimberly JaJuan (Michelle Morris), Ron Kellum (Marty Madison), Milton Craig Nealy (Wayne) Directed and choreographed by Tony Stevens


Broadway Concert Revival (2001)

Ford Center for the Performing Arts - Opened 24 Sep 2001, closed 24 Sep 2001, 1 performances

Cast: Lillias White (Effie White), Audra McDonald (Deena Jones), Heather Headley (Lorrell Robinson), Norm Lewis (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Billy Porter (James “Thunder” Early), Darius de Haas (C.C. White), Tamara Tunie (Michelle Morris), James Stovall (Marty Madison), Bobby Daye (Wayne)


US Tour (2004)

US Tour - Opened 9 Jan 2004, closed 29 Feb 2004

Cast: Frenchie Davis (Effie White), Angela Robinson (Deena Jones), Ramona Keller (Lorrell Robinson), David Jennings (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Harrison White (James “Thunder” Early), Andre Garner (C.C. White), Rosena M. Hill (Michelle Morris), Regi Dais (Marty Madison), Christopher L. Morgan (Wayne) Directed by Mark S. Hoebee and choreographed by Brenda Braxton


US Tour (2009)

US Tour - Opened 22 Nov 2009, closed 26 Dec 2010

Cast: Moya Angela (Effie White), Syesha Mercardo (Deena Jones), Adrienne Robinson (Lorrell Robinson), Chaz Lamar Shepherd (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Chester Gregory (James “Thunder” Early), Trevon Davis (C.C. White), Margaret Hoffman (Michelle Morris), Milton Craig Nealy (Marty Madison), Terrance Lemar Thomas (Wayne) Directed and choreographed by Robert Longbottom


Original London Production

Savoy Theatre - Opened 21 Nov 2016, closed 11 Mar 2017

Cast: Amber Riley (Effie White), Liisi LaFontaine (Deena Jones), Ibinabo Jack (Lorrell Robinson), Joe Aaron Reid (Curtis Taylor, Jr), Adam J. Bernard (James “Thunder” Early), Tyrone Huntley (C.C. White), Lily Frazer (Michelle Morris), Karen Mav and Ruth Brown (Effie Alternates) Directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw

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Twitter Synopsis:

Broadway’s smash-hit musical following girl group The Dreamettes as they make it big and become Deena Jones and the Dreams.

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Set in the heart of Chicago in 1962, and widely speculated to be based on the real journey of Diana Ross and the Supremes, Dreamgirls follows a trio of young girls as they enter a talent competition in the hopes of making it big. The Dreamettes feature best friends Effie White, Deena Jones and Lorrell Robinson, with Effie as lead singer. Singing a song written by Effie’s brother C.C., the group unfortunately lose the contest, but are met by Curtis Taylor, Jr, a used-car salesman.

Once Curtis becomes the group’s manager, he convinces James “Thunder” Early to let them be his backing singers, becoming a huge success. Soon, Curtis persuades Jimmy and the Dreamettes to move away from Rhythm and Blues and over to pop, where they are usurped by white groups. Curtis begins to bribe DJs to play Jimmy’s next single, which becomes a major hit.

However, things begin to get slightly more complicated once Effie and Curtis begin dating, and Jimmy and Lorrell begin an illicit affair. Curtis soon replaces Marty as Jimmy’s manager, who also helped write the songs for the group. Quickly, Curtis tries to transform Jimmy into a Perry Como-esque singer, whilst establishing the Dreamettes as their own act. Renaming the girls The Dreams, Curtis puts Deena as lead singer, due to her more appealing looks and pop vocals. Effie is hurt, but C.C. convinces her to go along with the plan. The Dreams make their debut in Ohio, with Curtis informing Deena that he’s going to make her the star.

Over the years, Deena becomes a superstar and The Dreams become a huge pop success, but Effie starts to miss rehearsals, becoming temperamental and suspecting Deena and Curtis of an affair. Lorrell attempts to keep the peace, but the group soon splits and Curtis replaces Effie with Michelle Morris. The Dreams leave Effie behind, despite her heartbroken appeal.

In Act II, the action moves forward to 1972, where Deena Jones and the Dreams have become the country’s leading pop group. Deena has married Curtis and C.C. is in love with Michelle, although Jimmy has long since disappeared. Effie is back in Chicago and it is revealed that she was missing shows and rehearsals due to being pregnant with Curtis’ child, who she now looks after by herself. Marty has become her manager and is attempting to help her make a comeback.

Deena decides that she wants to pursue an acting career, without Curtis as her manager. C.C. has become annoyed by Curtis’ constant rearrangements of his songs and the tension begins to build. Whilst waiting to perform at a fundraiser, Deena Jones and the Dreams meet Jimmy Early once more, and Jimmy finds himself locked in another argument with Lorrell. With Lorrell in tears and Deena attempting to comfort her, Michelle convinces C.C. to reconcile with Effie, and Jimmy’s set falls apart on stage.

C.C. and Effie meet at a recording studio, and C.C. apologises to Effie for hijacking her career. Effie records C.C.’s emotional “One Night Only” ballad, which begins to climb the charts, much to the chagrin of Curtis, who threatens legal action. As Curtis makes arrangements to ruin Effie’s career, Effie and Deena reconcile too, and Deena learns that Effie and Curtis share a child. Realising the kind of man Curtis really is, Deena finds the courage to leave him. Once “One Night Only” has become a hit, Deena leaves The Dreams to become an actress. For the final number of The Dreams’ farewell concert, Effie joins the girls on stage.


Act I

  • “I’m Lookin’ for Something” – The Stepp Sisters, Marty and Company
  • “Goin’ Downtown” – Little Albert and The Tru-Tones
  • “Takin’ the Long Way Home” – Tiny Joe Dixon
  • “Move (You’re Steppin’ on My Heart)” – Effie, Deena and Lorrell
  • “Fake Your Way to the Top” – Jimmy, Effie, Deena and Lorrell
  • “Cadillac Car” – Curtis, Jimmy, C.C., Marty, Effie, Deena and Lorrell
  • “Cadillac Car (One the Road)” – Company
  • “Cadillac Car (In the Recording Studio)” – Jimmy, Effie, Deena and Lorrell
  • “Cadillac Car (Reprise)” – Dave and the Sweethearts
  • “Steppin’ to the Bad Side” – Curtis, Jimmy, C.C., Wayne, Lorrell, Effie, Deena and Company
  • “Party, Party” – Effie, Curtis, Jimmy, Lorrell and Company
  • “I Want You Baby” – Jimmy, Effie, Deena and Lorrell
  • “Family” – Effie, C.C., Jimmy, Effie, Deena and Lorrell
  • “Dreamgirls” – Deena, Lorrell and Effie
  • “Press Conference” – Deena, Curtis and Company
  • “Only the Beginning” – Curtis and Effie
  • “Heavy/Stop Bringing Us Down” – Deena, Lorrell, Effie and Curtis
  • “Drivin’ Down the Strip” – Jimmy
  • “It’s All Over” – Effie, Curtis, C.C., Deena, Lorrell, Jimmy and Michelle
  • “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – Effie
  • “Love Love Me Baby” – Deena, Lorrell and Michelle

Act II

  • “Act II Opening” – Deena, Lorrell, Michelle, Curtis, C.C. and Jimmy
  • “I Am Changing” – Effie
  • “One More Picture Please” – Lorrell, Michelle, C.C., Curtis and Company
  • “When I First Saw You” – Curtis and Deena
  • “Got to Be Good Times” – The Five Tuxedos
  • “Ain’t No Party” – Lorrell and Jimmy
  • “I Meant You No Harm” – Jimmy
  • “Quintette” – Lorrell, Deena, C.C. and Michelle
  • “The Rap” – Jimmy
  • “Firing of Jimmy” – Jimmy, Curtis, Lorrell and Company
  • “I Miss You Old Friend” – Les Styles, Marty, C.C. and Effie
  • “One Night Only” – Effie and Company
  • “One Night Only (Disco)” – Deena, Lorrell, Michelle, Curtis and Company
  • “I’m Somebody” – Deena, Lorrell and Michelle
  • “Chicago/Faith in Myself” – Effie, C.C., Curtis, Deena and Marty
  • “Listen” – Deena and Effie
  • “Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love” – Deena, Lorrell and Michelle
  • “Dreamgirls (Reprise)” – Effie, Deena, Lorrell and Michelle

1982 Tony Awards: Best Book of a Musical (Tom Eyen), Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical (Ben Harney), Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical (Jennifer Holliday), Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical (Cleavant Derricks), Best Choreography (Michael Bennett and Michael Peters), Best Lighting Design (Tharon Musser)

1982 Drama Desk Awards: Outstanding Book of a Musical (Tom Eyen), Outstanding Actress in a Musical (Jennifer Holliday), Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical (Cleavant Derricks), Outstanding Set Design (Robin Wagner), Outstanding Lighting Design (Tharon Musser)

1983 Grammy Awards: Best Cast Show Album, Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (Jennifer Holliday)


UK: Tams-Witmark

USA: Tams-Witmark

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a hot Broadway musical that has now been successful all over the world. The show is set to have its London premiere at the Savoy Theatre in Spring 2014. The musical features music and lyrics by David Yazbek and a book by Jeffrey Lane. This musical comedy is based on the 1988 film of the same name which starred Michael Cane and Steve Martin. The original production was directed by Jack O’Brien and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell. John Lithgow and Norbert Leo Butz starred in the original Broadway production, with Lithgow eventually being replaced by Jonathan Pryce. The London production will star Robert Lindsay, Katherine Kingsley and Samantha Bond. 

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Playbill

David Yazbek

David Yazbek

Jeffrey Lane

the film "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"

Dale Launer, Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning

Clear Channel Entertainment & MGM On Stage

Jack O'Brien

Jerry Mitchell

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - US Tour

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Broadway Production

Imperial Theatre - Opened 31 Jan 2005, closed 3 Sep 2006, 627 performances

Cast: Norbert Leo Butz – Freddy (Jan 31, 2005 – Jul 16, 2006), John Lithgow – Lawrence (Jan 31, 2005 – Jan 15, 2006), Sherie Rene Scott – Christine (Jan 31, 2005 – Feb 05, 2006), Sara Gettelfinger – Jolene (Jan 31, 2005 – Jan 15, 2006), Joanna Gleason – Muriel (Jan 31, 2005 – Apr 30, 2006)

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 100x150

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Original London Production

Savoy Theatre - Opened 10 Mar 2014, closed 29 Nov 2014

Cast: Robert Lindsay, Katherine Kingsley, Rufus Hound, Samantha Bond. 

What was your favourite production? Add your thoughts in the comments box


The show opens on the glamorous French Riviera where casino culture rules. Lawrence, a con artist and smooth talking older gentleman begins to work a crowd of elderly women to try and trick them out of their money. He is the centre of attention, and Muriel is particularly keen to speak with him. His bodyguard Andre warns him that a new conman has arrived on the scene, and has been dubbed ‘The Jackal’. Lawrence fears for his position. 

Later, on a train, his watches a young fraudster at work. Freddy is trying to trick female passengers to give him money, and Lawrence decides to help him and take him under his wing. He brings Freddy to his mansion house and tells him that he too could live in luxury. Andre tries to warn Lawrence about Freddy but he doesn’t listen. Together they convince a crazy woman that he should not elope to Oklahoma and that his brother, Ruprecht is an awful man. 

Lawrence realises that he has met his match with Freddy. He challenges him to a race to secure $50,000 from women, and who whoever loses will be forced to leave town. Christine Colgate arrives on the scene and both men make her their primary target. Freddy pretends to be a cripple and asks for money so he can see a therapist, Dr Shuffhausen. She pledges the $50,000 and Freddy is delighted, although confused when Christine tells him that the Doctor is also staying in the same hotel. They go to meet the Dr and it turns out to be Lawrence. 

The second act opens as Lawrence performs painful tests on Freddy’s supposedly numb legs in front of Christine, whilst Andre and Muriel begin to fall in love. Lawrence attempts to woo Christine as the Doctor but suspects that she isn’t as rich as they had both hoped. He asks Freddy to change the bet, saying the winner will be the first to bed Christine. 

Freddy has Lawrence kidnapped by sailors and sets on bedding her by pretending her love is the only thing that will heal him. Lawrence escapes and reveals that Freddy is a fraud, and he is then captured by the sailors. Lawrence and Christine head to the train station and it seems like it is too late for Freddy to win. Christine heads to Freddy’s hotel room and the pair fall into bed. 

Later she runs to Lawrence’s mansion, claiming that Freddy has tricked her into sleeping with her and running away with the money. Lawrence feels guilty and gives her $50,000 in a suitcase. She refuses the money however and leaves. Freddy arrives saying that Christine actually knocked him out and stole the money. The realise that the money in the suitcase has also been taken, and Christine has left a note revealing that she is ‘The Jackal’. They can’t believe they have been scammed themselves, but the three of them reunite to plot how they can combine forces to scam the audience. 


Act I
• Overture
• Give Them What They Want (Broadway) – Lawrence, Andre, Ensemble
• The Only Game in Town (National Tour)
• What Was a Woman to Do – Muriel, Women
• Great Big Stuff – Freddy, Ensemble
• Chimp in a Suit – Andre
• Oklahoma? – Jolene, Lawrence, Ensemble
• All About Ruprecht – Lawrence, Ruprecht, Jolene
• What Was a Woman to Do (Reprise) – Muriel
• Here I Am – Christine, Ensemble
• Nothing is Too Wonderful to Be True – Christine, Freddy
• The Miracle (Act I Finale) – Company

Act II
• Entr’acte
• Ruffhousin’ Mit Shüffhausen – Lawrence, Freddy, Christine
• Like Zis/Like Zat – Andre, Muriel
• The More We Dance – Lawrence, Christine, Ensemble
• Love is My Legs – Freddy, Christine, Ensemble
• Love Sneaks In – Lawrence
• Like Zis/Like Zat (Reprise) – Muriel
• Son of Great Big Stuff – Freddy, Christine
• The Reckoning – Lawrence, Freddy, Andre (with spoken line by Christine)
• Dirty Rotten Number – Lawrence, Freddy
• Finale – Company


2005 Tony Awards: Best Actor in a Musical (Butz). Nominated for: Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score, Best Actor in a Musical (John Lithgow), Best Actress in a Musical (Sherie Rene Scott), Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Joanna Gleason), Best Choreography (Jerry Mitchell), Best Direction of a Musical (Jack O’Brien), Best Orchestrations (Harold Wheeler), Best Lighting Design of a Musical.


UK: Josef Weinberger

USA: Musical Theatre International

Dames at Sea

Dames at Sea features book and lyrics by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller with music by Jim Wise. The show is a parody of a flashy 1930s musical and follows an understudy who steps into a leading role on Broadway, ultimately becoming a star. It originated as a small sketch based on the Gold Diggers, and was expanded to become a full length book musical. The show had humble beginnings off-off-Broadway, and went on to upgrading to a Broadway and London run. The show marked Bernadette Peters’ Broadway début and she won a Drama Desk award for her performance.

Dames at Sea

Jim Wise

George Haimsohn and Robin Miller

George Haimsohn and Robin Miller

Jordan Hott and Jack Millstein

Neal Kenyon

Neal Kenyon

Dames at Sea Original Broadway

Original Off-Broadway Production

Caffe Cino - Opened 1 May 1966, closed 1 Jan 1970, 148 performances

Cast: Tamara Long (Mona Kent); Sally Stark (Joan); Steve Elmore (Hennessey, The Captain); Bernadette Peters (Ruby); David Christmas (Dick); Joseph R. Sicari (Lucky)

Dames at Sea Revival

Off-Broadway Production

Bouwerie Lane Theatre - Opened 20 Dec 1968, closed 1 Jan 1970, 575 performances

Dames at Sea Original London

Original London Production

Duchess Theatre - Opened 27 Aug 1969, closed 1 Jan 1970, 127 performances

What was your favourite production? Add your thoughts in the comments box


At the dress rehearsal of a new Broadway musical, “Dames at Sea,” veteran diva Mona Kent is practicing her opening number when wide-eyed newcomer Ruby arrives at the theatre looking for a job. She has just got off a bus from her hometown in Utah and hasn’t eaten in three days. The manager, Hennessey dismisses her immediately, but one of the showgirls, Joan tells him that a girl in the chorus has just eloped with a millionaire so there is a vacancy. To save time, Hennessey gives the job to Ruby.

Excited and famished, Ruby faints and is caught by Dick, a songwriting sailor who found her suitcase and followed her to the theatre. They fall in love at first sight. When Joan takes Ruby to eat something, Mona sets her sights on Dick and he agrees to give her one of his songs to sing. One of Dick’s fellow sailors, Lucky, arrives and turns out to be the ex-boyfriend of Joan. They find their love starting to be rekindled while Ruby is falling even more in love with Dick. 

Hennessey reveals disastrous news: just before opening night, the theatre has been sold is scheduled to be demolished immediately. The cast and crew pack up the set and search for a new home. Dick and Lucky have the brilliant idea to try to convince their Captain to allow the show to be performed on the deck of their ship. He is at first resistant, but becomes convinced by Mona’s sultry dancing.

On board the ship, Mona realizes the Captain is none other than her long lost love “Kewpie Doll.” They reminisce about the evening she served him chili con carne as a small-town waitress in Pensacola. Dick arrives as the Captain leaves, and Mona, desperate for another great song, convinces him to kiss her. Ruby walks in on them and is devastated.

As rehearsals on the ship are finishing, Mona becomes violently seasick and unable to perform. The entire cast is in a panic trying to figure out who can replace her, when all eyes turn to Ruby. She manages to go on and steal the show. Afterwards, Dick explains the misunderstanding and that he loves her. They decide to get married, as do Lucky and Joan and the Captain and Mona. All three get married on the ship to a 21-gun salute.

  • Overture
  • Wall Street
  • It’s You
  • Broadway Baby
  • That Mister Man Of Mine
  • Choo-Choo Honeymoon
  • Sailor Of My Dreams, The
  • Good Times Are Here To Stay
  • Dames At Sea
  • Beguine, The
  • Raining In My Heart
  • Singapore Sue
  • There’s Something About You
  • Echo Waltz, The
  • Star Tar
  • Let’s Have A Simple Wedding

1968 Drama Desk Awards: Outstanding Performance (Bernadette Peters), Outstanding Director, Outstanding Lyrics


UK: Samuel French

USA: Samuel French


Damn Yankees

Damn Yankees is a classic Broadway musical from the 1950s that has become a favourite show in the USA, thanks to a number of high profile revivals and regional productions. The original production took home the Tony Award for Best Musical and Bob Fosse’s unmistakable style became synonymous with the show itself. Based on the Faustian myth, Joe sells his soul to the Devil in return for the Washington Senators having a chance at the Baseball Pennant. He is seduced by the Devil’s assistant Lola, who was memorably played in the film by Gwen Verdon. Recent revivals of the show have included the Encores! series which starred Sean Hayes as Mr Applegate.

Damn Yankees Original Playbill

Richard Adler

Jerry Ross and Richard Adler

George Abbott and Douglass Wallop

Douglass Wallop’s play The Day the Yankees Lost the Pennant

Frederick Brisson, Robert Griffith, and Harold Prince

George Abbott

Bob Fosse

Damn Yankees Original Broadway

Damn Yankees Original Broadway

46th Street Theatre - Opened 5 May 1955, closed 17 May 1957, 1109 performances

Cast: Gwen Verdon, Stephen Douglass, Ray Walston, Russ Brown, Shannon Bolin, Rae Allen, Jean Stapleton, Nathaniel Frey, and Robert Shafer

Damn Yankees Original London

Damn Yankees Original London

London Coliseum - Opened 28 Mar 1957, closed 1 Jan 1970, 258 performances

Damn Yankees Broadway Revival

Damn Yankees Broadway Revival

Marquis Theatre - Opened 3 Mar 1994, closed 12 Mar 1995, 715 performances

Cast: Bebe Neuwirth, Victor Garber, Jerry Lewis

Damn Yankees London Revival

Damn Yankees London Revival

Adelphi Theatre - Opened 4 Jun 1997, closed 12 Mar 1997, 715 performances

Damn Yankees Encores Revival

Damn Yankees Encores Revival

City Center - Opened 5 Jul 2008, closed 3 Jul 2008

Cast: Jane Krakowski, Sean Hayes, Randy Graff, Megan Lawrence, PJ Benjamin, Cheyenne Jackson

What was your favourite production? Add your thoughts in the comments box


Real Estate agent Joe Boyd is a die-hard fan of the Washington Senators, a failing baseball team, and his wife Meg hates that it consumes his life for “Six Months Out of Every Year.” One evening, mourning another loss, he mumbles to himself that he would sell his soul if the team were successful. A salesman, Mr. Applegate, suddenly appears, and turns out to be the Devil in disguise. He offers Joe a plan: in exchange for his soul, Mr Applegate will transform Joe Boyd into Joe Hardy a young, athletic man who will be able to lead the Senators to victory. Joe insists on an exit clause, and Mr. Applegate agrees that if Joe leaves the team before their final game, he can have his soul back – if not, he will lose it forever.

The Senators lament their latest loss, but insist that they still have “Heart,” and can win if they try harder. Joe Hardy arrives to join the team and a reporter named Gloria Thorpe instantly recognises his talent and writes a story about this “Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo.” Joe misses his wife and, still in disguise, rents a room in his old house from Meg, who is upset over her missing husband (“A Man Doesn’t Know”).

Mr. Applegate grows concerned that Joe will renege on the deal, so he calls up one of his most loyal servants, a sultry temptress named Lola. She agrees to seduce Joe and will force him to stray from his wife with “A Little Brains, A Little Talent.” Mr. Applegate introduces her to Joe, who rebuffs her advances, despite her assurances that “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.” When she fails, Mr. Applegate shows her “Who’s Got the Pain” by sending her back to hell.

Mr. Applegate is forced to come up with a new strategy and decides to publish claims that Joe Hardy is really an escaped con artist. Gloria becomes aware of the allegations and forces the matter into court. Meanwhile, the Senators are gearing up for “The Game” without Joe, who confesses to Meg that he is really her husband in “Near to You.”

The trial is scheduled for the same day as the big game, and though Mr. Applegate conjures up a number of people to testify against Joe, the prosecution’s case ultimately unravels. Scared he will lose Joe’s soul, Mr. Applegate banishes him to hell, but moved by Joe’s genuine love for Meg, Lola helps him escape.

Joe joins his team for the final game, only for Mr. Applegate to arrive when Joe is at bat with just five minutes until the deadline specified in his exit clause. He causes Joe to get two strikes against him, and with just seconds before he will lose his soul for ever, Joe insists that Mr. Applegate let him go. He is immediately transformed back into the middle-aged Joe Boyd. He miraculously manages to still hit a home run, winning the game for the Senators.

He returns home to his beloved Meg, only for Mr. Applegate to arrive and insist on claiming Joe’s soul. Meg pleads for Joe’s soul in “A Man Doesn’t Know, Reprise.” Lola arrives to explain that even the Devil cannot overcome true love and they both retreat to hell as Joe and Meg live happily ever after.


Act I 

  • Six Months Out Of Every Year
  • Goodbye Old Girl
  • Where You Going Now
  • Blooper Ballet
  • Heart
  • Shoeless Joe
  • A Little Brains, A Little Talent
  • A Man Doesn’t Know
  • Whatever Lola Wants
Act II 
  • Who’s Got The Pain?
  • The Game
  • Near To You
  • The Good Old Days
  • Two Lost Souls
  • A Man Doesn’t Know

1957 Tony Awards: Best Musical, Best Leading Actor (Walston), Best Leading Actress (Verdon), Best Featured Actor (Brown), Best Authors, Best Producers, Best Choreography, Best Sound.


UK: Josef Weinberger

USA: Musical Theatre International

The Drowsy Chaperone

The Drowsy Chaperone is a 2006 Broadway musical which features music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison, with book by Bob Martin. The show parodies the American Musical genre, and evolves as a midde-aged musical theatre fan begins to listen to the record of ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ which suddenly comes to life in his own front room. The show is presented in one act, and features a number of lively characters who are each parodies of the 1920s. The show won Tony Awards for Best Book and Score and starred Sutton Foster and Bob Martin. The musical ran on Broadway for over 600 performances, and transferred to London’s West End a year later, although the production ran for less than 100 shows due to bad ticket sales. This production starred Elaine Paige and Summer Strallen.

Drowsy Chaperone

Lisa Lambert, Greg Morrison

Lisa Lambert, Greg Morrison

Bob Martin, Don McKellar

Kevin McCollum, Roy Miller, Boyett Ostar Productions, Stephanie McClelland, Barbara Freitag

Casey Nicholaw

Casey Nicholaw

The Drowsy Chaperone Original Broadway

Original Broadway Production

Marquis Theatre - Opened 1 May 2006, closed 30 Dec 2007

Cast: Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert,Beth Leavel, Jason Kravits, Garth Kravits, Eddie Korbich, and Danny Burstein.

Drowsy Chaperone Novello 2007

Original London Production

Novello Theatre - Opened 6 Jun 2007, closed 4 Aug 2007

Cast: Elaine Paige, Sutton Foster, Scarlet Strallen 

What was your favourite production? Add your thoughts in the comments box


The ‘musical within a comedy’ begins as the Man in Chair settles down to listen to the recording of his favourite (fictional) recording of the 1928 musical ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’. He is an agoraphobic Broadway fanatic who acts as narrator and passes comment on the action throughout. As the recording begins the characters come to life and his front room becomes a Broadway set. The characters are introduced on the day of the wedding between oil tycoon Robert Martin and Broadway star Janet Van De Graaff. The old hostess Mrs Tottendale arrives along with her employee Underling. George, Robert’s Best Man is joined by Feldzeig, a Broadway producer who is hoping to get Janet to star in his latest show, despite the fact she has said marriage will mark the end of her career. A ditzy flapper Kitty longs to be as famous as Janet is joined by two gangsters who are disguised as pastry chefs, along with Janet’s alcoholic Chaperone and the famed lover Aldolpho.

The plot develops as the gangsters tell Feldzieg that their boss wants to invest in his latest Broadway show but only if Janet is involved. They come up with a plan to sabotage the wedding to make sure that Janet stays in showbiz, and Feldzieg enlists the help of Aldolpho to seduce her to ruin her relationship. Robert is nervous about the wedding and tap dances to get rid of his cold feet. George tells him it could be dangerous, so instead puts him on rollerskates in the garden, blindfolded so he doesn’t see Janet before the wedding. Janet tells the reporters that she is happy waving goodbye to her life on the stage with a large production number. Whilst she is alone, she asks her Chaperone for advise, as she feels Robert does not really love her. The Chaperone responds with a song about the benefits of being an alcoholic, instructing Janet to share her feelings with her future husband. Aldolpho enters and mistakes the Chaperone for Janet and happily seduces her.

Janet finds Robert in the garden, blindfolded and in roller skates. She pretends to be a French woman and quizzes him on his love for Janet which ends in a kiss. She runs away furiously. Meanwhile, Kitty is busy trying to convince Feldzeig that she would be a perfect replacement, as the gangsters turn up the heat. He distracts them by telling them he could make them an act. Aldolpho enters with the Chaperone on his arm as he finds out he seduced the wrong woman. Janet tells the gathered group that she is cancelling the wedding as Robert kissed another woman.

The Man in Chair interrupts saying he needs to find the recording of Act 2. He leaves for the restroom, and puts on the wrong record, which begins with a lively oriental number. He realises his mistake and puts on the second act record which opens with a dream sequence where Janet laments her decision and decides to return to the stage. The Chaperone tells everyone she is in love with Aldolpho and that there will be a wedding after all, just as Mrs Tottendale announces that she and Underling are to be wed also. Janet tells Robert that she was the maid and forgives him and agrees to get married. Feldzieg attempts to appease the gangsters by showing off Kitty’s mind reading talents, and she reads his mind saying that he is asking to marry her. George is best man for all weddings and they prepare to depart for Rio to get married on Trix’s plane. As the final chord plays, the power goes out in the Man in Chair’s apartment and he gives a final reprise.

  • Overture – Orchestra
  • Fancy Dress – Company
  • Cold Feets – Robert, George
  • Show Off – Janet, Company
  • As We Stumble Along – Drowsy Chaperone
  • I Am Aldolpho – Aldolpho, Drowsy Chaperone
  • Accident Waiting To Happen – Robert, Janet
  • Toledo Surprise – Gangsters, Feldzieg, Kitty, Mrs. Tottendale, and Company
  • Message From A Nightingale – Kitty, Gangsters, Aldolpho, Drowsy Chaperone
  • Bride’s Lament – Janet, Company
  • Love Is Always Lovely In The End – Mrs. Tottendale, Underling
  • I Do, I Do In The Sky – Trix, Company
  • As We Stumble Along (Reprise) – Company

2006 Tony Awards: Best Book, Best Original Score, Best Featured Actress, Best Costume Design, Best Scenic Design.

2008 Olivier Awards: Nominated for Best New Musical, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Costume, Best Choreographer


UK: Josef Weinberger

USA: Musical Theatre International


Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a musical based on the successful film of the same name. The musical version originally opened in Australia, and then transferred to London’s West End in 2006. The show broke records for having the biggest advances in West End history taking over £6million in advance sales before the show had even opened. The musical played for an impressive 5 years and was extremely popular with hen parties and groups of women. The score featured many songs from the original film plus a few more, and included all the iconic scenes associated with the film.

Dirty Dancing



Eleanor Bergstein

Jacobsen Entertainmen (Original Australian Production)

James Powell

Kate Champion

Dirty Dancing Original London

Original London Production

The Aldwych Theatre - Opened 23 Oct 2006, closed 1 Jul 2011

Cast: Johnny Wright, Hannah Vassallo, William Tapley, Marianne Benedict, Jessica Brooks, Nadia Coote

Dirty Dancing UK tour 2012

Dirty Dancing UK Tour

UK Tour - Opened 9 Jan 2013, closed 15 Jun 2013

Cast: Jill Winternitz, Paul-Michael Jones, Nikki Griffiths, James Coombes

What was your favourite production? Add your thoughts in the comments box


During the summer of 1963 we are welcomed to Kellerman’s holiday resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Frances “Baby” Houseman and her affluent Jewish family are spending a summer together, before Baby heads off to college. She is unlike her sister Lisa and feels like an outsider in her family. Her father is the owner of the resort Max Kellerman’s private doctor.

Baby becomes intrigued by the resort’s dance instructor Johnny Castle and sees him giving dance lessons to the holiday makers. He is the opposite of her – a bad boy rebel from a working-class background. He is treated badly by some of the other workers and many of the guests. Johnny invites her to the staff quarters one evening, where dirty dancing is the norm. She dances with Johnny and gets a taste of the rebellious lifestyle.

Baby is forced to go on a date with Max’s grandson Neil whilst her sister Lisa dates Robbie. Johnny’s dance partner Penny finds out she is pregnant by Robbie and Baby confronts him about cheating on her sister and doing nothing to help the pregnant Penny. Baby tries to help by getting the money from her father for an illegal abortion for Penny, whilst having to also stand in for her at a local dance night, where Johnny takes her through many of the steps. He begins to give her dance lessons to prepare for taking Penny’s place.

Their first performance goes well although Baby is scared to do some of the lifts. When they return they find out that Penny’s abortion went wrong and she is in terrible pain. Baby rushes to get her father to help and he then forbids her from having anything to do with Johnny or his friends. They continue their relationship in secret. When a wallet goes missing Johnny is accused of stealing it, and Baby has to come forward as his alibi saying they were together in his hut. He is then cleared of charges, but still fired for having a relationship with a guest. Baby’s father is upset with her behaviour, having specifically forbidden their relationship.

Baby finally overcomes her dancing fears and succeeds in the competition. Johnny returns to perform in the final dance of the season and Baby’s parents are impressed by her dancing and confidence. Her father realises it was Robbie and not Johnny who was responsible for Penny’s pregnancy, as Baby is lifted high into the air by Johnny. The ballroom turns into a nightclub where staff and guests all dance together into the night.

  •  This Land is Your Land
  •  We Shall Overcome
  •  The Magic Moment
  •  Little Darlin’
  •  Merangue
  • There will Never Be Another You
  • Johnny’s Mabo
  • Do You Love Me?
  • Love Man
  • Stubborn Kind of Fellow
  • Hungry Eyes
  • Hey! Baby
  • Maybe
  • Cry to Me
  • Dawn Interlude
  • Besame Mucho
  • Save the Last Dance for Me
  • If You Were the Only Girl
  • Love is Strange
  • Lisa’s Hula
  • Yes!
  • In the Still of the Night
  • Someone Like You
  • Kellerman’s Anthem
  • (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life