Gigi tells the story of a young French girl raised to be a courtesan who instead opts to get married. This musical hit started out as a novel by the famous French author Colette and was made by Anita Loos into a non-musical stage production in 1951 before becoming an Oscar-winning musical film in 1958. It was adapted into a Broadway Musical in 1973 after the Film version won 9 Academy Awards by Lerner and Loewe, although its Broadway début failed to live up to the success of the film. After short runs in both London and New York, the stage show was surpassed by the screen version, until a new production was mounted at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and quickly became one of the biggest shows of the season.


Frederick Loewe

Alan Jay Lerner

Alan Jay Lerner

the novel by Colette and the MGM film

Saint Subber and Edwin Lester

Joseph Hardy

Onna White

Gigi Original Broadway

Original Broadway Production

Uris Theatre - Opened 13 Nov 1973, closed 1 Jan 1970, 103 performances

Cast: Alfred Drake, Maria Karnilova, Daniel Massey, Agnes Moorehead, Karin Wolfe, Sandahl Berman, John Dorrin, Truman Gaige, Joe Ross, Richard Woods, Thomas Anthony, Alvin Beam, Russ Beasley, Andy Bew, Robyn Blair, Leonard John Crofoot, Judy Cummings, Gordon De Vol, Randy Di Grazio, Gregory B. Drotar, Margit Haut, Andy Keyser, Clyde Laurents, Diane Lauridsen, Merilee Magnuson, Kelley Maxwell, Jean McLaughlin, Vickie Patik, Susan Plantt, Joel Pressman, Thomas Stanton, Marie Tillmans, Sallie True

Gigi Original London

Original London Production

Lyric Theatre - Opened 17 Sep 1985, closed 1 Apr 1986

Gigi London Revival

London Revival

Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park - Opened 6 Aug 2008, closed 13 Sep 2008

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In Belle-Epoque Paris, Honoré Lachaille is a elderly gentlemen with very few cares in the world and plenty of money to spend. He reflects on his womanizing past and pauses to “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” His nephew, Gaston, is just as wealthy and also has an eye for the ladies, but he is growing tired of his charmed life as “It’s a Bore.” He begins spending time with Honoré’s former lover, the eccentric Madame Alvarez, who he calls Mamita, in an effort to get closer to her beautiful granddaughter Gigi.

Mamita sends Gigi to her Aunt Alicia’s finishing school to become a high-class courtesan, just as the women in their family have always done. Gigi finds her lessons difficult and does not understand the meaning of love or why Paris seems obsessed with it. She enjoys spending time with Gaston, but views their relationship as platonic. Alicia and Mamita concoct a plan to set Gigi up as Gaston’s mistress, an arrangement Gigi remains blissfully unaware of. She continues her lessons, but is clearly still an awkward young girl.

Gaston soon falls in love with Gigi, but she says she does not want to become anyone’s mistress only to be tossed aside when a prettier girl comes along. Gaston is shocked that she thinks of him this way, but is unable to convince her that he will change his ways. Gigi, though, has a change of heart and realises she wants to be with Gaston, even if only as his mistress.

Gaston takes Gigi out to dinner for the first time in one of Paris’ most exclusive restaurants. For the first time, he notices that Gigi is no longer the awkward teenager and has evolved into a beautiful and elegant woman. He decides that he does not want her to be only his mistress, and proposes marriage, which she excitedly accepts.


Act I

  • Thank Heaven for Little Girls – Honore Lachailles
  • It’s a Bore – Honore Lachailles and Gaston Lachailles
  • The Earth and Other Minor Things – Gigi
  • Paris Is Paris Again – Honore Lachailles and Ensemble
  • She’s Not Thinking of Me – Gaston Lachailles
  • It’s a Bore (Reprise) – Honore Lachailles, Gaston Lachailles, Manuel and Aunt Alicia
  • The Night They Invented Champagne – Gigi, Gaston Lachailles and Mamita
  • I Remember It Well – Honore Lachailles and Mamita
  • I Never Want to Go Home Again – Gigi and Ensemble

Act II

  • Gigi – Gaston Lachailles
  • The Contract – Aunt Alicia, Mamita, Maitre Duclos and Maitre Du Fresne
  • I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore – Honore Lachailles
  • In This Wide,Wide World – Gigi
  • Thank Heaven for Little Girls (Reprise) – Honore Lachailles

1974 Tony Awards: Best Original Score. Nominated for:  Best Actor in a Musical Alfred Drake, Best Scenic Design Scenic Design by Oliver Smith, Best Costume Design Costume Design by Oliver Messel.


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