An American in Paris

An American in Paris is an all-new dance musical, based on the 1951 Academy Award winning film of the same name, starring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. Originally premiering in Paris, the production officially opened at the Palace Theatre on Broadway and is set to transfer to the West End for a run at the expansive Dominion Theatre. Following a soldier who remains in Paris after the victorious Second World War, An American Paris is a beautiful love story of an artist and dancer uniting in a post-war France. Featuring several well-known songs from hit musical duo George and Ira Gershwin, this Tony Award-winning musical includes “I Got Rhythm” and “An American in Paris” in its sumptuous score.


George Gershwin

Ira Gershwin

Craig Lucas

Vincente Minnelli's 1951 Academy Award-winning film

Alan Jay Lerner

Stuart Oken, Van Kaplan, Roy Furman, Stephanie McClelland, Darren Bagert, James Nederlander, Five Cent Productions

Christopher Wheeldon

Christopher Wheeldon


Original Broadway Production

Palace Theatre - Opened 12 Apr 2015, closed 9 Oct 2016

Cast: Robert Fairchild (Jerry Mulligan), Leanne Cope (Lise Dassin), Veanne Cox (Madame Baurel), Jill Paice (Milo Davenport), Brandon Uranowitz (Adam Hochberg), Max Von Essen (Henri Baurel) Replacements: Dimitri Kleioris (Jerry Mulligan)


US Tour (2016)

US Tour - Opened 14 Oct 2016, closed 20 Aug 2017

Cast: Garen Scribner (Jerry Mulligan), Sara Etsy (Lise Dassin), Etai Benson (Adam Hochberg), Emily Ferranti (Milo Davenport), Gayton Scott (Madame Baurel), Nick Spangler (Henri Baurel)


Original London Production

Dominion Theatre - Opened 21 Mar 2017, closed 30 Sep 2017

Cast: Robert Fairchild (Jerry Mulligan), Leanne Cope (Lise Dassin)

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Twitter Synopsis:

A magical story of a soldier and dancer united in a celebratory post-war France, filled with wonderful dance and timeless classics.

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Set during the end of a viscous World War II, An American in Paris follows American soldier Jerry Mulligan, who decides to abandon his backpack and remain in Paris to nurture his passion for painting. Helped by friend and ex-soldier Adam Hochberg, who dreams of being a composer, as well as Henri Baurel, a son of wealthy French industrialists, Jerry begins to dream of a brighter future without fighting.

Soon, he meets a mysterious French girl, Lise Dassin, and is convinced that he made the right decision to stay in France. After completely falling for her, Jerry discovers that she is the very same girl that Adam and he have been encouraging a smitten Henri to propose to. Stuck in a dilemma, Jerry makes friends with a headstrong American philanthropist, Milo Davenport, who plunges him deep into the Paris art scene that is exploding with new life and a celebratory post-war energy.

Meanwhile, Lise struggles to choose between a comfortable life with Henri and her true love, Jerry. As each man involved begins to come to terms with his own fate, it is revealed that Lise’s obligation to Henri comes from that fact that he and his family saved her life during the occupation. When it is realised that this bond is no longer strong enough, Lise and Henri agree that it is time to let go.

As the curtain falls on the miraculous opening night of a French ballet, Lise finally claims her place as a free, accomplished and successful artist in France, and quickly realises that she is meant to be with Jerry. Rushing to him, the pair reunite at the River Seine and walk off, arm in arm, into the Paris night.


Act I

  • “Concerto in F” – Company
  • “I Got Rhythm” – Jerry, Henri, Adam and Company
  • “Second Prelude” – Lise and Girls
  • “I’ve Got Beginners Luck” – Jerry
  • “The Man I Love” – Lise
  • “Liza” – Jerry
  • “S Wonderful” – Jerry, Henri, Adam and Company
  • “Shall We Dance?” – Milo
  • “Second Rhapsody” – Company
  • “Cuban Overture” – Company

Act II

  • “Entr’acte” – Orchestra
  • “Fidgety Feet” – Jerry and Company
  • “Who Cares?” – Milo, Henry and Adam
  • “For You, For Me, For Evermore” – Lise, Jerry, Henri and Milo
  • “But Not for Me” – Adam and Milo
  • “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise” – Henri, Adam and Company
  • “An American in Paris” – Company
  • “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” – Jerry, Henri and Adam

2015 Tony Awards: Best Choreography (Christopher Wheeldon), Best Lighting Design of a Musical (Natasha Katz), Best Orchestrations (Christopher Austin, Don Sebesky, Bill Elliot), Best Scenic Design of a Musical (Bob Crowley, 59 Productions)

2015 Drama Desk Awards: Outstanding Actor in a Musical (Robert Fairchild), Outstanding Choreography (Christopher Wheeldon), Outstanding Orchestrations (Christopher Austin), Outstanding Set Design (Bob Crowley)

2015 Drama League Awards: Outstanding Production of a Musical

2015 Outer Critic’s Circle Awards: Outstanding New Broadway Musical, Outstanding Actor in a Musical (Robert Fairchild), Outstanding Choreography (Christopher Wheeldon), Outstanding Director of a Musical (Christopher Wheeldon)

2015 Fred and Adele Astaire Awards: Best Female Dancer (Leanne Cope), Best Male Dancer (Robert Fairchild), Best Choreographer (Christopher Wheeldon)


USA: Samuel French

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