Mary Poppins

Disney Theatrical and Cameron Mackintosh present Mary Poppins based on the stories of P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney Film. Featuring direction by Richard Eyre and choreography by Matthew Bourne, this production features new songs by Geroge Stiles and Anthony Drewe, supplementing the original classic Robert and Richard Sherman tunes. The show was a hit for Mackintosh in the West End and successfully transferred to Broadway where it still continues to play to packed houses. Directed and choreographed by Richard Eyre and Matthew Bourne, this fantastic show is engaging and entertaining. 

Mary Poppins

Richard M. Sherman And Robert B. Sherman; with additional music by George Stiles

Richard M. Sherman And Robert B. Sherman; with additional lyrics by Anthony Drewe

Julian Fellowes

the stories of P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film

Thomas Schumacher for Disney Theatricals

Richard Eyre

Matthew Bourne

Mary Poppins Prince Edward 2004

Original London Production

Prince Edward Theatre - Opened 15 Dec 2004, closed 12 Jan 2008

Cast: Laura Michelle Kelly, David Haig, Gavin Lee, Linzi Hateley, Rosemary Ashe, Jenny Galloway

Mary Poppins New Amsterdam 2007

Original Broadway Production

New Amsterdam Theatre - Opened 16 Nov 2008, closed 13 Aug 2013

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Bert the chimney sweep introduces the audience to Cherry Tree Lane in Edwardian London. George and Winifred Banks live at number 17 with their rambunctious children, Michael and Jane and their many servants. The children are so out of control that their latest nanny quits in a fury. The children write their own advertisement for “The Perfect Nanny,” but an enraged George rips it up and throws it in the fire.

Mary Poppins flies in by umbrella and immediately takes charge of the children as their new nanny, assuring them that she is “Practically Perfect” in every way. She takes them on their first outing to the park, where they meet Bert. At first they are scared by his dirty appearance, but she teaches them to look beyond appearances by bringing the park’s statues to life (“Jolly Holliday”).

Meanwhile in the Banks household, Winifred is struggling with “Being Mrs. Banks,” and George seems embarrassed by his wife’s ineffectiveness. She decides to surprise him by organising a tea party, and when the children inadvertently wreck her plans, Mary teaches them to fix it with a “Spoonful of Sugar.” She then brings the children to visit George at the bank where he works. George is trying to decide between two investment opportunities: a simple factory pitched by a poorer man and a larger-scale scheme proposed by a richer man. When the children remind him of simpler times and his own childhood values (“A Man Has Dreams”), George decides to choose the factory for investment.

Mary takes the children to “Feed the Birds” outside St. Paul’s Cathedral, and to a magic shop that sells words (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”). When they return home, they discover that George’s investment has gone horribly wrong, and the bank has suspended him. He furiously sends the children to their room, and they bicker and fight with each other. Mary tries to teach them how to take better care of their toys (“Playing the Game”), but realising they still have much to learn, she decides to leave them for a while.

Winifred decides to prove to George that she can manage the family’s affairs by hiring his childhood nanny, Miss Andrew, to replace Mary. Unfortunately, she did not know that Miss Andrew is a brutal, nasty woman who George has been terrified of ever since. The children are equally afraid of her and run to the park to escape her, where they find Bert, who cheers them up with a bit of kite-flying (“Let’s Go Fly a Kite”). Mary returns to surprise them.

After his suspension, George feels he is “Good for Nothing.” Winifred tries to find a way to comfort him. Mary returns home with the children and confronts Miss Andrew, freeing her beloved bird from its cage and banishing her in a birdcage of her own. Winifred and George come home and are relieved to find that Miss Andrew has left and Mary is back in charge. Bert leads his chimney sweep friends in “Step in Time.” which causes a mess in the Banks’ house.

George receives a telegram summoning him to a meeting at the bank and assumes he will be fired. He sets off to the bank, and Winifred decides to follow him for support, and Mary follows with the children. When he arrives, the bank manager informs George that he has not been fired, but in fact his investment in the factory has made millions. Winifred arrives to explain why the bank manager should not fire George and is delighted to find that they are promoting him instead.

Finding the family reunited and happy, Mary decides it is once again time for her to leave, and she flies off on her umbrella.


Act I 

  • Chim Chim Cher-ee (Opening) – Bert
  • Cherry Tree Lane Part 1 – George and Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael, Mrs. Brill, and Robertson Ay
  • The Perfect Nanny – Jane and Michael
  • Cherry Tree Lane Part 2 – George and Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael, Mrs. Brill, and Robertson Ay
  • Practically Perfect – Mary Poppins, Jane, and Michael
  • Chim Chim Cher-ee (Park Reprise)* – Bert
  • Jolly Holiday – Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Neleus, and the Statues
  • Cherry Tree Lane (Reprise) / Being Mrs Banks / Jolly Holiday (Reprise) – George, Winifred, Jane, and Michael
  • A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Robertson Ay, and Winifred
  • Precision and Order* – Bank Chairman and the Bank Clerks
  • A Man Has Dreams* – George Banks
  • Feed the Birds – Bird Woman and Mary Poppins
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Poppins, Mrs. Corry, Bert, Jane, Michael, Fannie, Annie, and Customers
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Encore)* – Bert and Customers
  • Chim Chim Cher-ee (Ups and Downs Reprise)* – Bert
  • Temper, Temper (Playing the Game)^ – Valentine, William, Mr. Punch, the Glamorous Doll, and other Toys
  • Chim Chim Cher-ee (Rooftop Duet) – Bert and Mary Poppins
Act II
  • Entr’acte: Run Away – Orchestra
  • Cherry Tree Lane (Reprise)* – Mrs. Brill, Michael, Jane, Winifred, Robertson Ay, and George
  • Brimstone and Treacle Part 1 – Miss Andrew
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite – Bert, Park Keeper, Jane, and Michael
  • Good for Nothing – George
  • Being Mrs Banks (Reprise) – Winifred
  • Brimstone and Treacle Part 2 – Mary Poppins and Miss Andrew
  • Practically Perfect (Reprise)* – Jane, Michael, and Mary Poppins
  • Chim Chim Cher-ee (Rooftop Reprise)* – Bert
  • Step in Time – Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, and the Sweeps
  • Step in Time (Encore)* – Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, and the Sweeps
  • A Man Has Dreams / A Spoonful of Sugar – George and Bert
  • Anything Can Happen – Jane, Michael Mary Poppins, and the Company
  • A Spoonful of Sugar (Farewell Reprise) / A Shooting Star – Mary Poppins and Orchestra

2005 Olivier Awards: Best Actress in a Musical (Laura Michelle Kelly), Best Choreographer (Matthew Bourne)

2007 Tony Awards: Best Scenic Design (Bob Crowley)

Drama Desk: Outstanding Actor in a Musical (Gavin Lee)

Outstanding Set Design (Bob Crowley)



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