Leave it to Jane

Leave It to Jane was written in 1917 and premiered at the Longacre Theatre on Broadway. The musical features a score by Jerome Kern along with book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P.G Wodehouse. The show is based on the 1904 play ‘College Widow’ and concerns two rival schools who fight to win the football season. The seductive Jane is sent by the school to lure away the rival’s key new player, going against her father’s wishes. The original production had moderate success, but the off-Broadway revival in 1959 ran for almost 2 years. The show features famous songs such as ‘Cleopatterer’, ‘A Peach of Life’ and ‘Leave it to Jane’.

Leave It To Jane

Jerome Kern

P.G. Wodehouse

Guy Bolton & P.G. Wodehouse

The College Widow By George Ade

William Elliot, F. Ray Comstock & Morris Gest

Edward Royce

Edward Royce

Leave it to Jane Original Broadway

Original Broadway Production

Longacre Theatre - Opened 28 Aug 1917, closed 19 Jan 1918, 167 performances

Leave it to Jane Off Broadway Revival

Off-Broadway Revival

Sheridan Square Playhouse - Opened 25 May 1959, closed 1 Jan 1970, 958 performances

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A Flirtatious College girl is assigned the takes of getting a star quarterback to switch to her college so they will win the big game. The show opens on the first day of term at ”Good Old Atwater” College in Indiana, and the football season is expected to beat rival school Bingham in the all important Thanksgiving Day match. The school President has news of a new quaterback who is an ex-piano mover and will increase the team’s chances of success. All they need to do is convince everyone he is a real student. Jane Witherspoon is sought after by all of the college football team, and he father is a donor of her rival school. A bet is set up between the two school Presidents and the game is on. The news of Bingham College’s new signing comes as Billy Bolton of Minnesota. It is left to Jane to lure him to Atwater College with the prospects of academics and possible romance.

  • Wait Till Tomorrow
  • Just You Watch My Step
  • Leave It To Jane
  • The Crickets Are Calling
  • The Siren’s Song
  • There It Is Again
  • Cleopatterer
  • The Sun Shines Brighter
  • I’m Going to Find A Girl

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